Home Access Policy
Last updated June 18, 2021

About Home Access?

‘Chore Care” recognizes that, in addition to the safety and security on the Chore Care platform, Users are entrusting Home Service Providers with access to their homes. It’s important that Users share information with Home Service Providers that’s necessary to access the home safely and securely.


Provide detailed home access information. Provide detailed home access information for Home Service Providers in the “My Profile” section of the app.

  • If the Home Service Provider is unable to find the key to your home or the door is locked, the Home Service Provider should contact you. If you are unavailable, The Home Service Providers should contact Chore Care customer service.
  • If you fail to provide complete and accurate instructions for accessing your home and a Home Service Provider cannot complete the home service as a result, you will be held responsible for paying the Home Service Provider's $5 cancellation fee.

Include details on how to enter your home. Provide detailed instructions on how to enter your home so Home Service Providers can enter and leave your home securely and safely. This includes the following:

  • Provide detailed entry instructions for your Home Service Provider (e.g., key location, security codes, etc.) and make sure your instructions are updated if anything changes. If you live in an apartment building, be sure to note how to enter the building, as well as how to enter your apartment unit.
  • On the day of the scheduled service, double-check that your key is in the right place. If you live in an apartment, it can also be helpful to let building management know you are expecting a Home Service Provider in case there are any issues management may help address.
Make sure your information is complete and updated.Fill out your “Profile” completely with all necessary information, including your home access information. Make sure you keep your profile updated. This includes the following:
  • Provide your full, accurate, up-to-date address in “Home Access Information” so Home Service Providers can find your home easily.
  • Provide any relevant information that would be helpful for the Home Service Provider to navigate your neighborhood and/or find your home (e.g., directions, parking, etc.).
Make arrangements to disarm your home alarm. Some Users use home security/intrusion detection systems/alarms for added security. If you use an alarm system, be sure to notify your Home Service Provider how to disable and rearm it.

Leave your cleaning tools out. Make it as easy and straightforward as possible for your Home Service Provider to find what he/she needs to provide home service.
  • Provide detailed instructions on where to locate cleaning tools the Home Service Provider may need to complete the home service. Make sure cleaning tools are in their designated location or in plain sight.
  • Make sure cleaning tools are where you say they are — if the Home Service Provider is unable to find items based on your instructions, the Home Service Provider won't be able to complete home service.

Make sure Home Service Providers know what to do once they complete the home service.
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to exit your home (e.g., reset the alarm system, where to leave the key).

For Home Service Provider

Approach the User`s home thoughtfully. Be respectful of the User`s home and always be aware of your surroundings.

Enter the User`s home respectfully. Make sure you follow the User's specific instructions about how to enter the home. Remember that if the User has not left a key or explicit written instructions on another way to enter the home, you SHOULD NOT enter through a door or window, whether open or not. If you have difficulty with access, you should contact the User for further instructions and if they are unavailable, please contact Chore Care customer service.

In all cases where you are entering the User's home:
  • Ring the bell or knock and allow ample time for someone to answer, as there may be someone home.
  • Wipe your shoes before entering.
  • Don't forget to disarm the alarm if necessary/requested.
  • Enter the User's premises and home alone, and should not bring any other people onto the property or into the home.
  • Never enter a User's home through unlocked doors or windows, unless explicitly directed to do so in writing by the User (i.e., in the access notes for the account).

Once inside, be mindful of the User's privacy.
  • Avoid walking through the home or looking into private areas. If not cleaning purposed, you should not open a door or cabinet.
Enter the User`s home only at the specified time
  • Make sure you should enter the User's home only at the specified time to begin the Home Service.
  • Remain in the home only as long as is necessary to conduct activities directly associated with the booked service.
  • Don’t re-enter the home after the home service has ended.If you forget an item in the home, you should contact Chore Care to coordinate an appropriate pickup time with the User to retrieve the forgotten item.

What to do in an emergency. If you enter a home and see something that concerns you, or if there is an emergency situation while you are providing home service, contact 911, law enforcement, a local human society or local SPCA, as appropriate.